Shared Lines Collaborative

Shared Lines Collaborative: Art building resilient cities.

Shared Lines is an established collective of artists and art producers that aim to promote artistic exchange between cities and use art to build resilient cities.


Shared Lines emerged out of the earthquake events that devastated Canterbury, New Zealand, and Fukushima, Japan in 2011. Artists are used to being adaptable in marginal conditions, and artists are often the first to act after a disaster to help the healing and contribute to the resilience of a community.

Sora Ami Install

Shared Lines was born from the desire of artists in Christchurch and Sendai to reach out to each other in support, sharing experiences. The resulting highly successful art exchange has since become the basis of a broader project to foster relationships and discussions in and between cities that have experienced disasters of all kinds all around the Pacific Rim.

IMG_0942Our Goals:

  •            Share and celebrate cultural innovation, resilience and connectedness
  •            Use creativity to engage and educate the wider community
  •            Create discussion between citizens, artists, business communities and urban planners
  •            Increase the arts community’s participation in urban decision-making
  •            Encourage community participation in the arts
  •            Continue to build the collaborative to include and exchange with cities that have experienced disasters of all kinds around the Pacific Rim

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