Chichiro Hama


My name is Chihiro Hama. I work in Sendai as an artist focusing on painting and print making.




This picture I made by sticking cotton to the panel, and utilizing different materials, such as markers, pens, crayons, pencils and paint.

I often get inspiration from the materials that I’m using. I want to create art that enables the viewer to imagine freely, setting myself free from just wanting my art to be seen or having a particular impression I want to give.


(画像2)食卓をテーマに描いた作品です。ピザ、肉、鍋、パスタ、ケーキ、 パフェ、焼き鳥、天丼、ハンバーガーなどなど。


I made this one by using the dining table as my theme. Pizza, different meats, stews, pasta, cakes, parfait, skewers of meat, tempura, hamburgers and more.

Recently, I seem to be getting a lot of ideas from food and fashion. Sometimes, when looking at my pictures people ask if it was made by a child. But, if you look at the picture, the people are doing things like drinking beer. It stands to reason that the people appearing in the picture are not children either.




If you look closely, you’ll find that there are letters and other characters in this picture.

While looking at the memos I make in my day-to-day life, I thought that the shapes of the characters were interesting, and so I thought I should try and introduce them into my pictures. Some may look like passages, but they’re not for reading. I think it’s better to look at how the lines and shapes interact with one another. I thought of this picture while a friend and I were going to dinner.

During our conversation I got a hint as to what I wanted this picture to be. If you read the text you’ll find conversations with shop assistants, and also some references to things that have happened recently.




For block prints, recently I’ve been using both resin and paper. I place a lot of importance on creating while the ideas are still fresh in my mind. I don’t make any corrections, so if I make a mistake I just start over, The feel of it might be similar to calligraphy.

Regular painting is different from block printing. In block printing you can get very interesting lines and facial expressions. I feel that both the pictures and block prints that I’ve created always have an effect on the things I want to create next.





Yesterday, I was at a curry shop live-painting in tandem with music. In this picture, I’ve painted the two people that were singing, the people eating in the shop, and also written the little conversation the singers had in the breaks.

I got an immediate reaction from the customers as soon as I started painting. Compared to when I’m painting on my own, I had a surplus of ideas and was able to paint more interesting pictures.

I sometimes open up my workshop, but I think painting while interacting with people is a great incentive to paint. For me, it’s not about showing off things I’ve created, but more about trying to convey how interesting art is to people in as many ways as possible.


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