Shino Echigo

仙台市を拠点に制作活動をしております越後しのと申します。GALLERY ECHIGO というアトリエ兼ギャラリーも作家活動と平行してやっております。


My name is Echigo Shino. I’m an artist based in Sendai.

I also run a studio-cum-gallery called “GALLERY ECHIGO”. I work primarily in paint under the title “Cultivation”, but I’ve also been making prints since last year. The prints are made from the drawings I sketch every day instead of keeping a diary.


2_echigo 版画には以前から興味があったもののあまりこれといった機会もなくやらずにおりましたが幸運にも昨年、東北生活文化大学の大堀先生や学生たちに紙版画という版画技法を教えて頂けました。ツルツルした厚紙をニードルで引っ掻いたり、剥がしたりとてもシンプルで自分に合った技法です。

I’d been interested in printmaking for a while, but I’d never really had the chance to try it. Fortunately, last year I was taught printmaking techniques by Ohori-Sensei and the students of Tohoku Seikatsu Bunka College. Using a needle to scratch and strip away smooth, thick paper is very simple, and it’s a technique that suits me.


Ever since I started making prints, I have rediscovered their appeal and depth. Even the way I look at them aesthetically has changed since I started making them myself. I’ve made many illuminating new discoveries.


I really hate that I’m never any good at explaining my work, but I want keep making art that enters the viewer’s mind and begins a dialog with them.5_echigo


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