Asakura Kouhei

Graduated from Bunka Fashion College – Japan

Asakura Kouhei


Asakura Kouhei


1983 Born in Miyagi
2005 Graduated from Bunka Fashion College
2007 “DEBLI PROJECT” LE DECO (Tokyo, Japan)
2012 “TSUBU TSUBU PASSENGER” meets gallery, (Tokyo, Japan)
2013 “HELLO WORLD” birdo flugas,(Miyagi, Japan) Block House, (Tokyo, Japan)
2013 “MARK” Gallery Sora (Tottori, Japan)
2016 “WHAT is NIPPON?” Kyoto Culture Foundation (Kyoto, Japan)

Artist statement

Communion with Nature in a grand scale, Asakura Kouhei depicts all things alive and still by interweaving pieces and particles of colourful substances. A single particle, the stuff of all things, travels around, meeting others, fusing, and forever changing, to become a part of the earth and its inhabitants. The moist from your breath, in that sense, may reach the wind, turn to snow, and melt into a brook where a wild bear relieves its thirst. Here begins the voyage called the circle of life”. I hope you realize that we are all connected with nature through my works in which you might be able to meet me who once was a part of you.

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