Audrey Baldwin

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Audrey Baldwin is an artist and curator based in Christchurch. She holds a BFA from the University of Canterbury and her work has been presented both nationally and internationally. A catalyst for creative regeneration: Audrey has spent the last 6 years organizing public events and artistic interventions in post-quake Christchurch. Her practice is predominantly performance based and examines our relationship with societal power structures and belief systems through identity and the body.

Audrey is currently coordinator and curator of First Thursdays Christchurch. Building a strong Arts community and broadening audiences are key aims that guide both her artistic and event management practices.


I am interested in the role of the artist as both genius and clown; as an investigator and interrogator of culturally embedded ideas. My performances often walk the line between sublime and absurd and aim to make the audience to rethink their own roles and that of the status-quo. These three performances will all have strong elements of both the everyday and the absurd.

Deflate is a tragi-comic performance which playfully explores the nature of depression, perseverance and putting on a brave face. This work will take place at the opening event.

The exhibition at Thistle Hall will host interactive objects and a performance where I cast myself as well meaning charlatan-come-therapist. A development from my recent Cup of Tea and a Lie Down Clinic at CoCA, the work highlights the pressures on our mental health system, our entrenched bureaucracies and ideologies of adulthood.

Friday’s performance night will see me transforming an every day yet luxury item into a vessel of portents and personality traits in the guise of a Millenial Fortune Teller.